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CA Prop 65 Testing
2020/7/14 18:17:04

Proposition 65, otherwise known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was enacted as a ballot in itiative in November 1986 in the state of California. The Proposition was intended by its authors to protect Californian citizens and the States drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposure to such chemicals.

iTC offers Proposition 65 compliance testing and technical consultations at our CNAS accredited laboratory.  Chemical testing of substances is a specialist task and only a chemical testing laboratory with a comprehensive understanding of chemical testing can provide this support.

CPST is a specialist chemical testing laboratory with an expert knowledge of proposition 65 testing.  Established for over have the technical pedigree in laboratory testing to ensure fast accurate support.  We are one of the fastest testing laboratories in Asia and our aim is to deliver results within 2-3 working days.

Whilst many testing laboratories are only able to supply simple pass/fail test reports; CPST is able to offer additional support and advice immediately upon report of a sample failure.  In addition our experience of different material testing means that we ensure the appropriate test methods are used at all times.

Proposition 65 has more recently become a product safety directive under which any retailer of a product or service can be challenged legally regarding the chemical content of a product against a list of over 850 potential chemical candidates.

Proposition 65 does not ban the sale of any product; it requires, however, that warnings are issued advising citizens and consumers of potential risk. Proposition 65 only applies in the State of California and covers all products and services distributed within the State.

The list of chemicals is extensive (in excess of 850) and can be found at  

Since its conception, Proposition 65 has concluded consent agreements on lead, phthalates and other listed chemicals that have been found in a variety of consumer products.

The fashion accessories covered by the settlement include:

•    Footwear

•    Wallets, coin or bill holders

•    Handbags, purses, clutches, or totes

•    Jewellery

•    Belts

•    Apparel, including gloves and headwear

•    Key holders, keychains, and key caps

•    Luggage tags and ID cases

•    Bag charms and zipper pulls

•    Covering cases for electronic devices

•    Cosmetics cases and bags

•    Toiletry cases and bags

Why choose iTC for your Proposition 65 testing?

Speed of delivery - testing results within 2-3 working days

Specialists in restricted chemical testing and supply chain support

Technical back up and support from experts if needed

A focus on customer service and support


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